More than an year we have already showed hands on various industries and on various intelligent projects starting from e-commerce towards various business specific complex CMS systems and as a reason we have gained tremendous knowledge of various business domains which helps us in rapidly preparing prototype / flows for various projects to make them more stable, futuristic, safe and highly secure.

We are delivering one of the best combination in the industry as Blockchain with Cyber Security which ease up the use.

Where Blockchain can be used ?

Industries where Blockchain Technology can be implemented

Government Sector
Insurance Sector
Banking Domain

We focus on 3 major pillars

Cyber Secured Projects - Our all web products qualify more than 100+ cyber security norms

Performance Oriented Modules - All web products satisfy more than 85+ SEO & Performance norms automatically

Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM) - We perform bi-monthly third party audits on to examine each website against latest cyber security threats and also for SEO, performance updates and making every client assure about consistent cyber security and performance.

We have skilled our knowledge on following interface of blockchain - ERC20, ERC223, ERC721.

Few of our recent work on blockchain - Polling / Voting smart contract, peer to peer lending smart contract, Hyperledger Fabrics, etc

Also worked on architecture solution, security and deployment of Multi-sig wallets, Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets, BIP32 and BIP44 protocol, multi-currency crypto exchange.

We have also prominant knowledge on blockchain technologies like - Ethereum, Parity, Solidity, Scrypt, X11, Quark, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Database, ICO's and Cryptocurrency.